I ordered some summer dresses in two different orders.

I got the first order, saw that the quality was subpar and immediately canceled the second order. I got confirmation that the second order was canceled, but it was delivered anyway, and I was charged for it.

They claim "easy and worry-free returns".

Wrong. When I submitted my return request through email, got the shell game. Was given three options one was "keep the clothes and we will refund you 30% of the purchase price" =. The other two options were so confusing to make any sense of.

The company is located in China, but my first order came from a location in Southern California.

The customer service number is located in Hong Kong and I could not get through.

Their chat service is for "pre-orders" only.

I did finally get a return approval for my first order only to find out that from my original purchase of $32.00, I will only get $18.00 back.

This company is a rip off.

I am fighting for all my money back as I did look at their return policy before I ordered and believed what they stated; "easy and worry-free returns".

I am also fighting to get all the money of my second order becaused I CANCELLED IT AND GOT AN EMAIL STATING IT WAS CANCLED BUT IT CAME ANY WAY AND I WAS CHARGED FOR IT!.

What I did not do was look on website to see all of the AWFUL REVEIWS FROM PREVIOUS CONSUMERS WHO ALSO GOT RIPPED OFF!.

All I have to say is: do your research before buying anything from and an online company. and DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH A COMPANY WHO YOU CAN ONLY CONTACT IN CHINA AND THROUGH EMAIST


Location: Pasadena, California

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