resolve thisI placed several orders with floryday.com your company yesterday. The first order was £206.05 and my Hsbc bank approved the payment to be debited from my account..

However, because this is the first time I have shopped for clothes on internet banking I received a fraud alert after when I placed a second order from floyday.com. I called up my bank to clarify that floryday.com was not fraudulent and it was me placing the order.

They have approved me using my card on your site . However, I have had the £206.05 put as pending on my bank account app. I logged in and checked the status of the order no 0236********shipment and its said that I had no orders pending.

I have just called the bank again and they have informed me that floryday.com have taken out 3 payments of £206.05, £14.82, £14.73 on July 3rd 2021.I am worried because I looked on the reviews for floryday.com and they were not positive, When I looked at my account on your website its said no orders pending. I loved the clothes I ordered and would like to received hem because I have paid for them. My bank had permitted me to use your website. I would love to resolve this asap.

I would love to receive my orders

My two contact numbers are>; Mobile 0753033**** and Landline 01282 45**** I'm from England.

Could you contact me as soon as you can. My health is not too great and I want to

Location: Burnley, England

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