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I have been trying to get a reply from Floryday on how to return badly fitting clothing to get a full refund, within their 14 day period.

I just get being redirected to their site with a meaningless automated response that I will get a response in a week.........Still waiting Zzzzzzzz.

Very poor quality, very poor customer response, total rip off.....AVOID, AVOID,AVOID!

I have started a customer complaint process with my credit card company to attempt to recoup my full refund.

User's recommendation: AVOID AVOID AVOID.

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This has to F##K##G STOP !.... Just cant take hard working people MONEY.....

IM GOING TO STOP THIS S##T...;. *** FLORYDAY GIVE MY F##K##G *** OR MONEY $73.96 Tracking FFZY017013****456 Suga


Poor *** Company


I sent mine back to Floryday returns centre 2 Crown road KINGS NORTON BUSINESS CENTRE BIRMINGHAM UK B30 3HY. I sent tracked and signed, received pic of signature.

Where it went after that, 9th July, 2020, no idea.

Floryday after abt 30 emails from me, tell me they will refund when they receive the package. I think they have people, or one person, or even an automatic something or other which 'spits' out 24 hours a day 'we will contact within 24 hours'.


Same here


I am experiencing the same problem - I ordered a dress which the carrier Hermes dumped over our back garden wall. I discovered it on Saturday when I went out to clean the sunroom which faces onto the garden.

The bag was torn in several places and it had been out in the torrential rain. The inner bag and the dress were soaked. I forwarded photos of the package in situ and of the soaked inner bag and dress to support my claim.

Floryday now expect me to pay to send it back and then repay shipping and 'insurance' costs (what does the insurance cover if not for these type of incidents!) to have a replacement dress sent. The glib standard responses I have received from Floryday are not acceptable and I intend to take legal action if necessary to get a full refund.


Since 27/6/2020 I have sent 28 emails, spent £32 on the goods, £4.70 to send the rags back, linen? .

I've sent jpg of postal receipt and jpg with signature of person receiving parcel in Birmingham. They are going to contact in 24 hours!!! I've threatened legal action, fraud, racism, you name it. Fraud because they describe synthetic rags as linen.

I'm angry with myself as much as them. In Feb 2020 I ordered some silicone lids, about £9. China, they did the same thing. I contacted disputes dept at my bank.

They repaid me the money and looked into the firm. All of a sudden I got my money back, if course I had to repay the bank the money they laid out. Someone should stop Hermes from trading as well! At the beginning of lockdown I ordered a food parcel from Aldi.

It never arrived. The bank looked into it. I got my money but probably Hermes staff ate my food. It's so disgusting it's unbelievable.

I am not going to give up. Florydayare trying to say I never ordered anything...


I am having the exact same issue, going to file a complaint with the Az Attorney General. These people are ripping people off.


I completely agree and have had the same experience. I have emailed them 8 times both via the website and separately over 14 days with no reply whatsoever.

The dress I bought is horrible nylon fabric when it was described as cotton. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!


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